TANZANIA - Zanzibar Peaberry

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ROAST LEVEL: Light-Medium

FLAVOR NOTES: Rooibos Tea, Pinot Grigio, Carob Chips, Juicy



A new favorite for lovers of African coffees! This coffee is fruity and flavorful, and is sure to please fans of Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and the like. Also, this is the first time we've offered a coffee from Tanzania, and our first peaberry as well, so that adds to the fun experience for us.

Its tea-like quality gives it lighter body and it boasts some juicy pear-like flavors that make us think of a sweeter, drier white wine. Also, its chocolate notes remind us of carob, the fruit of a native Mediterranean tree -- slightly sweeter and earthier than traditional cocoa, and equally flavorful! (Ask Brea about it if you're curious!)

Fun fact: The "peaberry" is technically a genetic defect! It occurs when one of the fruits ("cherries") of the coffee plant only successfully pollinates one of its seeds, yielding a smaller, round bean in each fruit (rather than two beans with flattened facing sides). There was a time when peaberries were either discarded (as true "defects") or sorted in with larger lots, until they became recognized for their desirably bright, full flavors -- possibly because the cherry's nutrients are being exclusively delivered to one bean, rather than two!


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