NICARAGUA - Gold Mountain Growers Community Microlot - Natural

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ROAST LEVEL: Light-Medium

FARM / ORIGIN: Smallholder members of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, Jinotega region, Nicaragua

VARIETAL: Yellow & Red Caturra, Red & Yellow Catuai, Bourbon, Pacamara

FLAVOR NOTES: Pistachio, Date Syrup, Filo Pastry, Delicate



Nothing gets us more excited than 100% traceable coffee. This year, we're thrilled to  partner with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, a direct trade importer based in Nicaragua, to share the beautiful handiwork of their member producers from the northern Jinotega region. This community microlot is Natural-processed, which means the fruit of the coffee cherry is left in contact with the bean for much longer during drying. This allows more fruit sugars to be absorbed into the bean — giving it bright, juicy acidity. It is then dried on raised beds for 34 days to ensure the ideal moisture level for storage and roasting. We've been told it tastes of baklava and mangos, but we'll let you be the judge!

This coffee is sold in 8oz bags.