GUATEMALA - Santa Barbara Lot #4

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FLAVOR NOTES: Watermelon Candy, Rhubarb, Sweet Balsamic, Full

PROCESSING METHOD: Washed, Dry Fermentation, Patio-Dried


This coffee is extra special because of its origin story. It comes to us from Red Fox Coffee Merchants, who have been sourcing high-quality coffee from Guatemala for many years. They were more recently drawn to the Santa Barbara region, where many farmers' high-quality microlots were being combined into larger regional blends due to lack of buyers. Since then, they've worked closely with these smallholders to sell each microlot separately, bringing long overdue recognition directly to the farmers who produce some amazingly high-quality, highly flavorful coffees.

Our Santa Barbara Lot #4 is a Washed process coffee that boasts many fruity flavors more commonly found in Naturals. We know you'll be over the moon for it! We're tasting a delightful combination of sweet watermelon and tangy rhubarb, with a slightly ferment balsamic taste on the finish -- you'll see what we mean once you taste it, and we hope you'll be over the moon for it too!!


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