DECAF - Mountain Water Processed Honduras - Organic

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ROAST LEVEL: Light-Medium

FLAVOR NOTES: Apricot, Ceylon Tea, Gingerbread, Light

PROCESSING METHOD: Honey, Mountain Water Process


Get ready to be wowed -- 'cause this Decaf is so good, you won't even know that it's Decaf! This fresh lot comes to us from smallholder producers in the Marcala region of La Paz, Honduras. Prior to the decaffeination process, these beans are pulped and dried with some coffee fruit remaining on the seed (known as "Honey" processing), which infuses some delicious fruity sweetness into the bean itself. Then, the coffee is sent to Descamex in Mexico, where the caffeine is removed using pure water from Pico de Orizaba without the addition of chemicals, yielding a cleaner Decaf that we are proud to serve. This cup tastes of sweet apricots and black Ceylon tea, with a hint of molasses and warm spices. Trust us -- you'll want to enjoy this coffee all day long, and you won't even miss the caffeine boost!

P.S. This delicious coffee won a Bronze award in the Decaf category at Golden Bean North American 2022!