COLOMBIA - La Luisa Experimental Carbonic Maceration Natural - LIMITED RELEASE

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FARM / ORIGIN: Don Juan Pablo y Familia Velez, Finca La Luisa - Cuidad Bolivar, Antioquia, Colombia

VARIETAL: Yellow and Red Caturra

FLAVOR NOTES: Black Cherry, Pineapple, Strawberry Pie, Tart

PROCESSING METHOD: Natural, Carbonic Maceration


We're always looking for very special coffees to share, and this Natural Caturra from Finca La Luisa ticks all the boxes in our book! It's a total fruit bomb, with tangy tropical flavors reminiscent of pineapple, as well as black cherry and jammy strawberry pie. During processing, this experimental coffee goes through an extended anaerobic fermentation period -- 168 hours! -- in airtight tanks, where the oxygen is pumped out and carbon dioxide is added in order to create more unique flavors without adding a "boozy" quality that fermentation often yields. We're so grateful for the hard work put into this beautiful coffee by Don Juan and his team of farmers, and we're excited for you to taste the quality in this cup!

This is a limited edition small batch release, packaged in 4oz jars or 8oz bags. Each roast will be offered on presale prior to roast date, with small quantities available, so hurry and order now! Though if you miss out on this first roast, there will still be chances to give it a try later this summer!

Please Note: This coffee will be roasted and shipped on Tuesday July 5th.

** Jars are available Whole Bean Only due to the nature of packaging. 


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