DECAF - Swiss Water Process - Colombia Excelso

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** Currently OUT OF STOCK : We have a new (and even more delicious) Decaf arriving later this month, and it will be more than worth the wait! **

ROAST LEVEL: Light-Medium

FLAVOR NOTES: Sweet Citrus, Nutty, Bright

PROCESSING METHOD: Swiss Water Process

Our Swiss Water Process (SWP) Decaf is a beacon of deliciousness in a world of that often looks down on decaffeinated coffees - but not us! Our Colombia Decaf has a great balance of sweetness and acidity, with sweet nutty notes (almost like toasted marshmallows) & some citrusy brightness. It makes the perfect after-dinner cup, or even a nice Americano if your heart desires. And while our Decaf offerings vary in origin based on seasonality, we always source Swiss Water Processed coffees in order to ensure the cleanest possible cup.


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