MEXICO - Chiapas Turquesa

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FLAVOR NOTES: Roasted Peanut, Oatmeal Cookie, Grape Jelly, Buttery

PROCESSING METHOD: Washed, Patio-Dried


If you’ve stuck around with Leap for awhile, you may recognize this coffee — it was a favorite dark(er) roast offering in our lineup a few seasons ago, and it was such a hit back then, so we thought we’d bring it back!
Fun fact: This coffee is nicknamed "Turquesa", which means "Turquoise," in reverence to the early Aztec and Mayan cultures that contributed so much to Mexico's history. It comes from a collection of smallholder producers in Northern Chiapas, whose coffees are widely acknowledged as "the perfect morning cup."
This fresh crop boasts some nostalgic flavors that remind us of everyone’s childhood fave — a PB&J! Nutty and a little fruity, with a buttery mouthfeel and some sugary-cereal notes on the front, it’s sure to stir up fond memories of paper bag lunches and debates of whether triangles or rectangles made better-tasting sandwiches.