MEXICO - Muxbal Estate RFA

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FLAVOR NOTES: Baker's Chocolate, Wild Strawberry, Bourbon Vanilla


CERTIFICATIONS: Rainforest Alliance (RFA)

Last year’s Mexico was such a big hit, we were inspired to bring in another — one that we think is even tastier. This rich & flavorful coffee comes to us from the Union Juarez region on the Mexico-Guatemala border, and the farm draws its name from a Mayan saying that means “place surrounded by clouds.” The Muxbal Estate is also an ecological reserve, and its RFA certification indicates their passion for environmentally-friendly practices. Fun fact: This farm is also woman-owned (by Maeggi Rodriguez), which makes us love it even more! The washed coffee we purchased is full of fruity, ferment-y flavors, and reminds us of wild strawberries, bourbon, vanilla, and a little bitter chocolate on the front.

Interested in learning more about Finca Muxbal? Check out their website!


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